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About Us


Who We Are?

AQS Travel aims and strives for excellence ,we are an innovative and a reliable travelling agency providing comfortable and luxurious travel. We distinguish ourselves for our remarkable and extraordinary services which are always extolled by the ones who avail them. Their reviews stand as a testimonial to our meticulous planning, our dedication and our ardent hard work which enables you to enjoy pleasurable and delightful respites filled with fun-filled, adventurous times, picturesque views of landmarks spread all across the world are just waiting for you. We also categorize our services in a way that you can make your decision efficiently and prudently. AQS Travel makes travelling fun, we don’t want it to be exasperating and we make sure that the journeys you take are not excruciating and vexatious.

Our Goals

To always retain ourselves as an efficient and a reliable agency and maintain an illustrious reputation all across the globe. To hold ourselves accountable for any mistakes, which rarely ever occur. To make sure that no one gets neglected and all our services are kept flexible and can be amended according to the specification of the customers. To devise methods and ways of travelling which are not costly but are elegant and don’t compromise on quality or put you in any kind of strain.


Our Vision

To distinguish ourselves from other travelling agencies with the aid of our well-educated staff members who are there to make sure you have a marvelous and splendid time during your travel and don’t get a chance to complain or carp about anything. To prioritize the customers comfort above all else. We ardently put all our efforts to make sure that our customers have a memorable time and can make customized travel booking. To maintain constant and incessant contact with the clients in case any modifications are required or their plan unfortunately fluctuates/amends.

Our Core Values

People working at AQS Travel are honest and trustworthy who don’t believe in advertising things which we are not capable of and swindling the clients. We don’t believe in fraud and hold it in contempt and disdain. We believe in making laborious efforts to provide clients better services than the ones available anywhere else. This is a cumbersome job but we do not have tolerance for any kind of laziness or lack of moral character on behalf of our workers.

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