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Camping & Hunting Trips

The modern hunter is well-equipped to take on any predator but AQS Travel is here to make sure that he gets to those locations which offer the premium quality top-notch gear and enjoys an exhilarating and a thrilling hunt. How much comfort is offered in a hunt obviously depends upon the location of his hunt and irrefutably on the animal he wishes to hunt. These are some of the most fantastic hunting places from around the world which offer myriad game and a very desirable hunting ground with a few luxurious lodging, vistas and adroit guide services. AQS Travel guarantees that these places will provide an unforgettable safari experience.

Near: Talkeetna ,Alaska:
This place is for the ones who are tenacious and obstinate on hunting the most ferocious creatures. Bears average around 9 feet and the moose population after a few mild winters, increases with alacrity. Stephan Lake takes hunting tours into the wilderness predominantly by prop plane, from their lodge 140 air miles outside of Anchorage .You are sanctioned to hunt in an Alaska Fish and Game-deemed predator control area which means bear and wolf hunts are allowed during the whole year .Moose and sheep are late-summer hunts

Near : Alberta ,Canada:

The plains of Canada offers the most world class whitetail and mule deer, propitiously for you their skies also have an abundant quantity of geese and ducks. A vast variety of fowl is found here including mallards, pintails and other dabbling ducks.

Farther: Cordoba, Argentina:

If you want to solely hunt birds then Argentina is the place the people at AQS travel would  vehemently recommend .Birds are found in exuberance and plentitude. You don’t have to spend assiduous hours tracking them down like some other land species which remain well concealed and hidden.  If you are not running on a tight schedule proceed towards the southern corner of the country where bigger game is found like puma and water buffalo.

Farther: Pripyat River, Belarus:
The famous European bison or wisent is a huge ,bulky creature and is also ironically the national animal of Belarus where it is excessively and profusely hunted down. The remarkable “White Russia” offers   hunt for other creatures which are both grisly and terrifying but that is the price of a difficult challenge and the dangers and the perils which come with it are just part of the whole hunting deal. Stalker Group runs hunts through the densely wooded country .Bison are found in the southern part of the country near the Pripyat River.