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Client Testimonials

  • “Wonderful service, a very comfortable travelling experience, a commodious hotel accommodation. AQS travel made our time in Dubai totally worthwhile, all the family members were exhilarated after such a fascinating tour .The Sightseeing tour to Burj Khalifa was perfectly phenomenal. The kids couldn’t stop talking about the enchanting skyscraper-filled skyline.”

    Asim Bashir
  • “We were expecting a lot of trouble as we have heard that due to the massive crowd and the scarcity of resources ,there are a lot of accommodation problems but auspiciously AQS travel is not oblivious of our needs and we got transportation facilities which were congruous with our requirements. We are grateful to God almighty and AQS travel we were able to undertake this holy, sacred and pious journey to Makkah and Medina.”

    Aslam Baig
  • “The trip to Thailand was fantastic, the country is filled with tropical beaches, grandiose royal palaces, antiquated ruins and ostentatious temples displaying mystical figures of Buddha which are intriguing. Bangkok the capital is also spectacular. AQS travel made the tour possible and we faced with no adversity or any disturbance in our concocted travelling plan.”

    Amaad Ansari
  • “The honeymoon arranged by AQS travel to Switzerland was so romantic and endearing .It was a magical experience.The sightseeing tour took us to see the medieval wonders such as the capital Bern’s Zytglogge clock tower and Cathedral of Bern. The ski resorts made the tour both thrilling and lovely.”

    Zubair Ahmed
  • AQS travel is the most competent travelling service ,the visit to pattaya along with my hubby was very appealing ,it was a truly mesmerizing experience .All the arrangements were made beforehand .The high-rise condos and resort hotels served us with delectable cuisines which was finger licking tasty .My husband also has a predilection for skiing. So thanks for your immaculate services.”

    Sana Butt
  • “I am the CEO of Alexa Motors. We wanted to import some cars from Germany .This deal was very important for our company. I contacted AQS travels and apprised them of the delicate situation of the meeting. They were quite understanding and made a reservation for me in a sumptuous hotel at the most busy part of the year. A lot could’ve gone wrong if it weren’t for the extremely capable minds of those who work at AQS travels.”

    Ashraf Majid