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Customized Packages

The employees of AQS Travel are highly concerned that our packages are tailored according to your needs and our services can be amended to suit your requirements. AQS Travel offers packages which fall both in the genres of business and leisure. We are open to your suggestions if you want any amendment to our already suggested plan of your travel. We can arrange for you a very comfortable journey all across the world, where ever you want to go .We’ll make sure that you don’t face any of the difficulties or have to suffer from any of the headaches usually associated with long journeys .We will mitigate all the distress involved in making long journeys to a foreign land. We offer travelling services which include comfortable flights to any country or city in the world. If you want to visit a relative ,friend or simply want to enjoy your vacations and take a break from your monotonous and tedious routine of assiduous labor and your annoying boss nitpicking over every small mistake you make then you surely deserve a vacation to an exotic ,foreign land with numerous captivating places ,a picturesque landscape. Istanbul is a city in turkey which is known for its cultural diversity made possible due to the various emperors which ruled it over the years.
Hong Kong is a city located in southeastern china, densely populated with enthusiastic people who are filled with life. It is also famous for its delicious and savory food items which range from Cantonese dim sum to extravagant high tea. Kuala Lumpur is situated in Malaysia, the 451 m-all Petronas Twin Towers are prominent in its skyline. Singapore, an island city-state off southern Malaysia has a tropical climate and multicultural population, Arab street is lined with fabric shops. New York city is the center of attraction for tourists as it is home to the Empire State Building, Times Square, Statue Of Liberty and other iconic places. We make the journey to these colorful, vibrant and fascinating places easy and delightful.