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Desert & African Safaris

Farthest : Windhoek .Namibia:
Africa is distinguished and renowned for the enthralling hunting opportunities it so graciously provides. Namidia is the place which has the most demand because of the myriad game and its opulent hospitality. Omujeve Hunting Safaris has both fair-chase hunting and white-glove service. From laundry to taxidermy, the family run local company is competent and efficient making sure that you always have suitable and commodious lodging, they also have several tent camps spread throughout the country. After a laborious day of tracking springbok, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest and warthog. You irrefutably desire to relieve your body of that exhaustion by lying down in a bed, letting your guard down and get your supplies refilled.

Farthest: South Island, New Zealand:
IN NZ, the world’s most innocuous animal kiwi’s hunt is prohibited. New Zealand however has the world’s biggest red stags and they are present in abundant quantities. New Zealands offers a very spectacular and captivating landscape and the Four Seasons Safaris uses 4*4s,Helicopters and experienced guides to take you to the most accurate spots from where you can observe the game and take clean shots. The hunt is full of adventure and thrilling.