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Refund Policy

AQS Travel’s commitment to our clients is indubitable and irreprehensible. We are extremely careful and meticulous for your safety and security. We are fortuitously equipped with all the equipment necessary to ensure that nothing puts your life and the lives of your loved ones in peril or jeopardy. We put thought, time and energy while formulating plans to ensure that you get to make a safe, relaxed journey to your destination and always choose us whenever you travel. We have people with years of experience who are dexterous and very perceptive of what you might require during your journey.


Cancellation by the Client/Refund Policy:
If you cancel on us, it would surely break our heart but sometimes things don’t turn out as you expect and some things just inadvertently happen whose occurrence can’t be planned for and you can’t blame anyone for those things. If you cancel your trip then you are required to submit in written form that you have decided to cancel your trip. Depending upon the date on which you cancel the trip, cancellation refunds will be calculated. The cost of all those services which were not availed will be provided to the customers minus the cancellation fee. We are not oblivious of your distress or consternation which caused you to cancel your trip. This could also be because of some very serious issue and we absolutely condone and empathize with your affliction but sometimes some arrangement have been made and as we have already mentioned earlier that we have to deal with many service providers who are not as amicable and amenable as one might want them to be. Partial refunds are provided because we realize that your time away is to alleviate your pain caused by the opprobrious and vexatious routine of your daily life. Your comfort and pleasure is our first priority.