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Summer Packages

Sometimes all the hustle and bustle of the urban life is enough to suffocate you and you feel like you want to escape that boisterous noise ,sometimes a huge and enormous social life instead of making you feel good and jubilant becomes the very cause you feel dejected and gloomy. We therefore also make travels to quiet, peaceful places like Easter Island possible, quite possibly for a honeymoon. This place is segregated and offers a very marvelous and enchanting landscape. It has an enigmatic and mystical feel about it since it has moai , prodigious statues carved with stone which are antiquated. The lsland locals known as the Rapa Nuiare exceedingly protective towards them. This tribe makes up more than half of the island’s population.
Stay at Explora Rapa which is heavenly since its authenticity and elegance has been certified by LEED ,it has 30 pine-and-concrete rooms which have been designed to allow you maximum privacy and the majestic pacific ocean’s amazing views. Each evening, a guide helps you choose the next day’s activities which are both diversified and thrilling .These activities include: hiking, biking, fishing and snorkeling.
These are just a few places in a very long list of places you can choose to enjoy with our luxurious, sumptuous and wonderful travelling arrangement. All our packages are divided according to their relevance in the three categories, Holiday Packages, International Tours and Summer Tours.