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Terms & Conditions

AQS travel will consider it a privilege to be hired by you for your travel needs. These Terms and conditions represent what you are entitled to legally and what you can expect from us when you purchase any of our efficient and reliable travel related services. AQS Travel believes in transparency and in being completely honest therefore we strive to state your obligations and our duties in the most precise and unambiguous way possible so nothing may be misconstrued.

Products and Suppliers:
As you can see our travel related services are varied and numerous which means that some of the services we provide are not our own but we have to contact other suppliers and service providers.
The terms and conditions of those suppliers is separate and distinct from ours, we vehemently advocate you to read carefully all these terms and conditions ,or contact us for further information which is not easily perceptible by you.
What we would like to accentuate is that AQS Travel acts as an intermediary or a “Booking agent” merely arranging the most proficient and suitable travelling packages for you in a most decent rate.
These rates are not fixed and depending upon several factors you may be charged additional money like foreign exchange fluctuation etc. You are agreeing that we deduct more money from your credit cards in case of any such unlikely unfortunate occurrence.

Provision of correct information:
We will ask you information which should be accurate and precise . We want to make it clear and claim unambiguously and unequivocally that any supply of incorrect information may lead to the cancellation of your contract with us. We realize that your private information is something which should be kept hidden and veiled and we are prudent and circumspect while utilizing it .Rest assured that this information will not be used for any nefarious activities.


Deposits and Payment:
You are required to submit a minimal booking fee .You advance payment enables us to commence arranging the travel services which you require, the price however is not guaranteed or fixed. It may increase depending upon the suppliers who we are incessantly in contact with to ascertain that you get a luxurious travel with all facilities and amenities you desire.
After full payment and the provision of the mandatory documents, a time of departure and other such important information will be disclosed to you. We would provide you with a detailed and comprehensive tour contract which encompasses all the rights, duties and obligations of both parties. This will also have your tour itinerary, your hotel accommodation, the budget allocated to your transportation and the budget allocated for your food arrangements.

Amendments by the Client:
When we do booking for you ,it is a very intricate and perplexed process involving numerous things to carefully consider so the modification of it can be sometimes quite exasperating ,however sometimes amendments can’t be avoided ,in such an unfortunate case we require you to inform us 10 days prior to your day of departure so we can do make the necessary arrangement. For obvious reasons the total amount is bound to change.

Special Requests:
If the client has any special request, he should notify us. We are very concerned that our customers have an absolutely memorable time and we try diligently to give special attention to them. We will pass your request to the relevant Service provider who will try their level best to meet your demand. If you make it a prerequisite or a precondition that a certain request be met otherwise you would refuse to avail our travelling service then this attitude shall not be entertained.

Fortunately for you ,we respond urgently to your complaints and hold ourselves accountable in case you have been mistreated somewhere or the services being provided to you are not in accordance to what you expect. We try our best to resolve your complaints as soon as they are received. You can contact the
responsible and venerable chairman of AQS Travel and he will make sure that a very firm action is taken against your complain.

Acceptance of the Agreement:
When you pay us the booking fee and the full payment then you agree to our terms and conditions and cannot take any legal action which is in discrepancy with our agreement.

Unused Tour Items:
No refund will be made for any unused accommodation ,missed meals ,transportation segments, cruise portions, sightseeing tours or any other unused service. Such unused items are neither refundable not they can be interchanged with any other service. If you are not much spendthrift and don’t have money to burn then we would implore you to avail these wonderful services which are remarkable and organized such that you have an absolutely fantastic and marvelous time.

IN case of any unfortunate emergency before ,after or during the trip, AQS travel will not be held responsible and in case of any such afflictions or hindrances you cannot expect us to cancel on the last minute. AQS travel doesn’t want any quarrel or argument in misfortunes such as injury, illness and damage, loss or theft of baggage as well as emergency assistance.