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Train Journey

AQS Travel offers travel to a lot of places and strongly and vehemently recommend you to book trains through us. Here are some of the trains which have an unflinching reputation throughout the world for the comfort and entertainment they provide.

The Rocky Mountaineer:
The mountaineer made its first run in 1990 and has built its reputation by working laboriously to provide the customers and tourists the value for their money .The staff is competent and the train is filled with amenities. If you take the “GoldLeaf Service” you get delectable and savory breakfast and lunch in the dining car. The mountaineer carves paths which demonstrate the most picturesque views in the world including icy rivers and stone cliffs.

The Glacier Express:

As the name suggest you’ll see an abundant amount of snow, the travel will be highly fascinating as you will traverse through snow-capped gorges, lush valleys, 91 tunnels and 291 bridges.

Hiram Bingham Orient Express:
 It is one of the most renowned train which offers a trip to Machu Picchu. It offers opulent and sumptuous travel .Its appeal is also due to its vintage appearance which looks both fascinating and extraordinary. You climb steadily the Inca trail. There are two dining cars, an observation /bar car and a kitchen car.

The Royal Scotsman:
Grab your waistcoats and sporting Jacket. This marvelous coach is here to take you on a tour of the UK’s most attractive landscapes with more “pine-clad mountains reflected in mirror-still lochs” than you’ve ever seen before. The Royal Scotsman is commodious and only entertains 34 other passengers. You are treated to “world-class cuisine, rich with Scottish specialties”. You also get to see gargantuan castles, lots of them.

Talyllyn Railway:
The Talyllyn train is an adorable train with a very delightful appearance .It’s not very sturdy looking but is most befitting for a family trip. It doesn’t offer much if you are looking for a clamorous adventure train trip or have a discerning taste and want to travel with the sagacious and astute people. It’s slow pace is not for the ones looking for a thrilling ride, Passengers can enjoy a very spell-binding and an enchanting view of Fathew Valley. The journey is a very pleasurable and peaceful one, very soothing for the mind.