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Travel Insurance

When we make plans we forget that we are not the ones completely in control of our lives .What we strongly recommend and implore you to do is to get travelling insurance ,if not by us then some other competent insurance company. AQS Travel cares for you and works arduously to arrange lucrative deals for you which are both thrilling, adventurous and absolutely memorable. We don’t want you to suffer any misfortune or calamity but it is best advised to prepare for the worst.

Travel insurance is there to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses you unfortunately encounter either domestically or internationally. Any loss which obstructs or hinders yours travelling plan will be covered under our travelling insurance. Two types of insurances are being offered which will irrefutably protect your interest in case any appalling incident occurs. You can either get the travelling insurance which covers you specifically for that trip or if your journey is long and you endeavor to travel a lot of countries then we would recommend you to consider our “multi-trip” policy which covers you for a duration of time during which you enjoy your trip without any worry or distress.

Below are mentioned some of the common problems which can be bothersome and sometimes not only jeopardize your travel plans but your life. The risks associated with travelling are as following:

– Cancellation, curtailment and trip interruption

– Medical emergency

This section covers any unused travel and or accommodation costs, pre-paid charges (including any additional travel expenses incurred, provided they are deemed reasonable and necessary) if a trip is canceled or cut short under a variety of circumstances, which may include any of the following, depending on the policy:

– Death, bodily injury, illness, disease, or pregnancy complications

– Compulsory quarantine

– Jury service

– Being called as a witness

– Termination of employment (provided you did not know about it before you booked the holiday)

– Being called up if you are a member of the armed forces or other public defense or safety organization

– Prohibition of travel by the government to the intended destination

– Officially recommended evacuation from the intended destination

Official advisory against going to or remaining at the intended destination